Cosmetic & Functional Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Ear Nose, Throat, Head & Neck Surgeon

Mr Philip Jumeau MBBS (Hons) FRACS is an Australian trained and qualified Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), Head and Neck Surgeon.

Monday – Friday: 9am – 4pm
Phone: 03 9347 0680
Email: [email protected]

Mayfair Operating Centre
Level 7, 766 Elizabeth St
Melbourne VIC 3000

Malvern Hill Consulting
1039-1041 Malvern Rd
Toorak VIC 3142
Phone: 03 9188 3690

Mr Jumeau operates, consults and teaches publicly in Melbourne each week at both Monash Health and Alfred Health in the field of Nasal Reconstructive Surgery as part of their Ear Nose Throat (ENT), Head and Neck Surgery Units.

At Monash, Dr Joanne Rimmer and Mr Jumeau run a Complex Rhinology Clinic for patients with complicated sino-nasal disease (Sinusitis, obstructed nasal airways and diseases of the nose). Patients are referred to this clinic by other specialists.

Mr Jumeau consults and operates privately every week in Melbourne. His rooms are at the Mayfair Operating Centre (Elizabeth St, Melbourne) and Malvern Hill Consulting (Malvern Rd, Toorak). He operates out of The Avenue Hospital (Windsor) and St Vincents Private Hospital (East Melbourne).

Once a month Mr Jumeau visits Cairns where he consults (out of Trinity Breast and Plastic Surgery) and operates at Cairns Private Hospital. Appointments for Cairns can be made through the Melbourne office 03 9347 0680.

In Private, Mr Jumeau shares rooms with Professor Anthony Holmes (Mayfair Operating Suites) with whom he works closely each week consulting and operating (St Vincent’s Private Hospital).

Mr Jumeau’s specific area of interest and significant experience is in rhinology and specifically rhinoplasty surgery. This may be for cosmetic or functional reasons (often both). A large proportion of his work involves complex revision nasal reconstructive work in people who have had previously unsuccessful surgery or significant nasal trauma.

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Our case studies provide an examination of previous rhinoplasty patients.  Mr Jumeau describes their initial condition, his surgical course taken and before and after photographs.

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Mr Jumeau has provided operative videos and images to illustrate noteworthy aspects of rhinoplasty surgery.

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Learn more about rhinoplasty, what you can expect preoperatively, aftercare instructions, pain medication, and general instructions on how to take care of yourself post-op.

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